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30 Day Video Game Challenge Day One - Very First Video Game

Heart of Darkness ( 1998 )

Heart of Darkness is a 2d sidescroller in the vein of Prince of Persia in that it featured more…  realistic movement, as opposed to a Mario or Sonic sidescroller. You play as Andy, whose dog was accidentally kidnapped in his place by these evil gargoyle-bug things during a solar eclipse.

But who cares about that?  The thing everybody remembers about the game are the surprisingly brutal death scenes, considering it was rated E and the main character is roughly 8-10 years old.  There’s a 6-7 minute long montage of them all on Youtube, as a matter of fact.

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    I love this game to death. Though it has some cheesy dialogue and almost scarred me as a kid with it’s horrific death...
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